Week in Review: Don’t Count out Mohamed Sanu Just Yet


Its been a slow preseason for Bengals WR Mohamed Sanu. After taking the talented receiver out of Rutgers in the 3rd-round, the Bengals had high hopes that Sanu could come in and be a consistent #2 option at the receiver spot after Jerome Simpson left via free agency. Though his transition to the NFL has been slow, its not like Sanu isn’t used to facing challenges.

Mohamed Sanu probably had the most unlikely draft story in quite some time. On the first NFL Draft day, someone called him saying the Bengals had chosen him with the 27th pick. Everyone was excited, but to their dismay, the player announced was Kevin Zeitler. Needless to say that family, friends, and even Sanu were astonished and confused by the prank call, however, the next day the Bengals called and came away with the Rutgers WR.

Sanu showed during the whole NCAA season he was a force and even played well in a pro style offense. His numbers throughout his career were solid, granted Rutgers had some below average QB play. Sanu showed all season long that his route running was one of the leagues best, and he showed tremendous hands along with great YAC. He is a very physical receiver and a very good red zone threat. Not only that, but he is an amazing fit for a west coast style offense because of his playing style. He showed that he was a tough receiver, not only because of being physical with the cornerbacks, but being able to take big hits going across the middle and getting right back up.

Also, Sanu has played all three WR positions with college, so he has versatility to be placed anywhere within the field. Not only does he have the ability to play any WR position, but while at Rutgers, he saw plays as a RB and even as a wildcat QB.

Sanu became a 3rd round pick mainly because of his 40 time at the combine, but had a much better one during his Pro Day. During training camp, Sanu was having a productive time and even won some time with the first string offense. During preseason, however, Sanu did not see as much playing time as some fans would like to have seen. Sanu has shown some flashes of a solid WR with his TD catch that showed his leaping ability. Sanu is believed to become a starter sometime during his career. Whether it be during the 2012 season or further down the road, the Bengals have an extremely solid WR.

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