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Week in Review: A Quick Reaction to the Bengals Preseaon So Far

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My biggest problem with the Bengals offense before the season starts is that the same questions still remain that were there before the preseason got started. Who is the number 2 reciever on the depth chart? Will BenJarvus Green-Ellis really be the answer at RB? Is Jermaine Gresham ready for a bounce back season to solidify his job as the Bengal’s starting TE? I don’t believe any of these questions were answered during the preseason and it is concerning. Most people would say competition is better for the production but I say if three average students are competing for spots on the Math Club roster, you still only have an average Math Club.

I’ll have a better answer to my questions after week 1. By no means is it time to hit the panic button in Cincinnati, but my concern is that Andy Dalton might have too much on his plate this season, and our defense is going to be pushed to the edge and will have to be the backbone of this team every week. It’s a formula that has worked in the past, even for Super Bowl champions, but only my beer cooler is excited about the nerves that I might have to unwind every Sunday this season.

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