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Joe Elder 

Offensive Rookie of the Year – Robert Griffin, III, QB Washington Redskins

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Luke Kuechly, LB Carolina Panthers

AFC Playoff Picture

North – Cincinnati Bengals

South – Houston Texans

East – New England Patriots

West – Denver Broncos

Wild Card – Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers

AFC Champion – New England Patriots

NFC Playoff Picture

North – Green Bay Packers

South – Atlanta Falcons

East – New York Giants

West – San Francisco 49ers

Wild Card – New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Champion – Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl Champion – Atlanta Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl Predictions –

DT Geno Atkins, DE Carlos Dunlap. WR AJ Green, OT Andrew Whitworth

Jesse Luff

NFL MVP – Tom Brady. Patriots have cake-walk schedule.
OROY – QB Andrew Luck (IND)
DROY – DE Bruce Irvin (SEA)
Defensive Player of the Year – Demarcus Ware
Most Improved Player – If given to defensive player, DE Ray Edwards (ATL). If given to offensive player, QB Christian Ponder (MIN). Edge to Ponder.
Comeback Player of the Year – Jamaal Charles
AFC Champ – Denver Broncos
NFC Champ – Atlanta Falcons
Super Bowl Champ – Denver Broncos in a 1998 Super Bowl rematch. The Falcons will start doing the dirty bird again during their playoff run. Just like 07 & 08 the Manning brothers will be back to back Super Bowl champs/MVPs as Peyton ties Eli for his second Lombardi Trophy, strengthens his case for best QB in history and becomes the only QB in NFL history to win SB with 2 different teams
Bengals who will make the Pro Bowl – DT Geno Atkins, WR A.J. Green, FS Reggie Nelson, DE Carlos Dunlap. 2 Bulldogs and 2 Gators.