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The Bengals and 4th-Down: To Go or Not To Go……


August 10, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; General view of goal line marker before the game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit:

Mike Carter


As I was sitting and watching the game last night at first I was dumbfounded. How could our team be this bad, down 17-3. Then They started to give me a glimmer of hope. A touchdown right before the half made it 17-10 and they were still alive. However after watching the defense the first half I knew we would have to come out guns a blazing in order to keep up with the Ravens.

The Bengals got the ball after half time and everything was going great. They drove it down the field to the 1 and then something happened that blew my mind. Marvin Lewis decided to go for the field goal instead of the touchdown on 4th and 1. There are some cases in which the FG is the right move. This however was not one of them. It was pretty clear at that point our defense had not shown up to play. We weren’t going to stop the Ravens. Our O-Line had also controlled the line of scrimmage all game and allowed BenJarvus Green-Ellis to get 5 yards per carry. He had already picked up multiple 3rd and 4th and 1’s.

I sat back, mind blown. As soon as he kicked the field goal I turned to my wife and said that’s game over. We can’t stop the Ravens offense enough to catch up. And sure enough it was. In my opinion it should have been an easy call to go for it. I, however, would love to get your opinion on it. Was the field goal the right move? Should he have went for the touchdown? Or did it not matter either way? Give me some comments.

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