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Analyzing the Bengals Improved Offense

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Sep 16, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals running back

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

(42) runs the ball the third quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Cleveland Browns 37-34. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

With only two games into the NFL season, it seems the offense may actually be the strength of this team. Yes, the Bengals have been known to have a black and blue defense that does tremendous against teams, but it seems this year that they are missing a bit of chemistry. The safety position is still in question with Taylor Mays and Jeremy Miles, the secondary just looks lost at times, linebackers just seem to be out of place, and the defensive line doesn’t seem as powerful we once believed. However, knowing Mike Zimmer, he will definitely be putting some things together to get this defense kicking on all cylinders. But anyway, this is more of a focal point on the offensive side of the ball. There are many reasons to be upset with the defense, but the offense has shown some light within these past two games.

Andy Dalton has seemed much more poised in these past two games, and although he has missed a few throws, he has been pretty good on most. It would be nice to see how he throw on intermediate routes that are 10-15 yardsthough, and I think Daltonwill start to display his accuracy with those types of throws soon. He has shown he has arm strength, that’s no longer an issue. One thing he can improve on, however, is his accuracy with his arm strength. Daltonis highly regarded for his accuracy, so it would be nice to see him place his feet right and be accurate with intermediate and deep throws. Daltonhas shown a much bigger leadership role this season.

During the Ravens game, you could see a confidence and poise within Dalton. Although the score seems like it was a blowout, Daltonstayed right with it with the Ravens into the 3rd quarter. Dalton is also 4th in the AFC in passing yards, which is a huge step for someone in their sophomore season, which is a big feat especially when one of the two games was against the Ravens tough defense. Dalton also has a completion percentage of 67.6 this season, which is a nice improvement thus far this season.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis has flown under the radar thus far this season. During the first Bengals game, Green-Ellis was a major contribution to the offense and was a key part in the Bengals trying to come back in that game. He is averaging 4.3 YPC, which is a pretty good indication that he can play. Not only that, but he has shown he is versatile enough to catch balls out of the backfield. Green-Ellis could end up being a very good feature back that Bengals fans may ignore.

A lot of fans are wanting the Bengals to go after a RB early in the draft, but if Green-Ellis continues to produce, the front office may be content with keeping him for a little longer. The Bengals running game actually has been pretty decent this season. The Bengals had129 yards running against the Ravens, although only 80 against the Browns. The Bengals seem to be content with running the ball, and Green-Ellis could end up being a bell cow runner throughout this whole season.