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Game Recap: Bengals 38 Redskins 31

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Washington tried an onsides kick, and recovered, but it was determined that they touched the ball about a half a yard short of the required 10 yards, so the Bengals got the ball. Three runs were called to use the clock, but the Redskins got the ball with a little under two minutes to go. After a few short plays, WR Leonard Hankerson took a hard hit on a tackle, and the clock was stopped due to injury. This should have resulted in a ten second runoff since Washington had no timeouts, but the officials gave them a 4th timeout, and the Skins kept their time. The Redskins continued to drive down the field, and got into Bengals territory. However, with just seven seconds to play, TE Fred Davis jumped offsides. what followed was confusion over whether or not there should be a runoff for the penalty. The refs announced that there was not a runoff because the clock wasn’t running, but they also assessed Washington with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, moving them all the way back onto their half of the field. A failed hail mary ended the game 38-31 in favor of the Bengals.

Dalton had a huge game, throwing for 328 yards and 3 TDs with the 1interception. Green was the leading receiver with 183 yards and a TD. Hawkins, Gresham, and Binns all had more than 60 yards and a TD receiving. BJGE had a tough day, with only 50 yards rushing, and his first career fumble, though he did get a TD. On defense, Michael Johnson was a star, collecting 3 sacks. Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins also had great games.

Next week, the Bengals head to Jacksonville to play the 1-2 Jaguars. Stopping Maurice Jones-Drew will be the order of the day. The defense looked much better today, but still has work to do. Let’s hope this offense holds up all year.

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