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A Letter to the NFL: Regarding Monday Night Madness

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Count me now among those who believe something must be done, and immediately. The officials have gone from minor mistakes to safety-threatening errors to explicitly deciding the outcome of a game in the wrong direction. The quiet grumblings about officiating have now grown into a full-blown roar, and there’s no way to quiet it. Each call will face unparalelled scrutiny from coaches, from announcers, and from fans. Every close call will be mercilessly booed, and the replacement referees will never have the trust an offical needs to maintain order. You can’t fine everybody and you can’t put this cat back in the bag. I’m officially changing my position, and joining those saying something must be done. The can of worms is open, and if it’s not closed soon, things will only get worse, maybe much worse. A team was robbed of a win, but it’s week three. The Packers can overcome this, with plenty of games still to go. But what happens if this lockout drags out, and the next time a ref costs a team a game, also costs a team a spot in the playoffs, or a shot at a Super Bowl. Do the right thing, and solve this problem before the credibility of the league is shot and, God forbid, the league’s integrity is questioned. We, as fans, want football, but we want the games decided by the players, not the men in stripes. No, more explanations and excuses. We can’t hear them anyway over the uproar anyway.


An exasperated fan

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