A Lighthearted Night With Andy Dalton

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Fan: In your second year of the NFL, what changes have you made? How have you improved?

Andy: I think, first of all, the experience last year was great for me. I am not having to worry about, you know, what to expect basically. Last year going in, you know, I wasn’t sure how fast things were going to be, what’s the preparation like, what the weekly schedule was going to be like. Now, you know, I already know all of that stuff. I think for me, it is just keep getting better every week and do whatever we can to get to the Super Bowl this year.

Fan: How long have you played football?

Andy: I started playing football in the 6th grade and the first position I ever played was kicker. It was all they would let me play. I played soccer before and I actually joined a team that was already stacked, so it was all they would let me play.

Fan: What is your favorite thing about Cincinnati?

Andy: I think my favorite thing is the food. And the people here have been awesome. Thank You!

Fan: What was it like growing up in Texas?

Andy: The weather is a whole lot different than it is here. It is a lot hotter there. I love Texas. I have a house in Texas now, but I don’t know. It is a good place to live.

Fan: How was RGIII when you played him in college? Have many times have you played him?

Andy: I only played him one time in college. We won 45-10 and I didn’t play in the 4th quarter, so, the result was about the same as last time. (jokingly)

Fan: What was the hardest hit you have taken?

Andy: I don’t know. Ray Lewis does hit pretty hard. He got me pretty good. I try to forget about that.

Fan: Who did you root for, being from Texas?

Andy: Well, I am from Houston. So for a while there we didn’t have a team. The Texans came along, I I guess, when I was starting high school. So I started rooting for them some. I didn’t really have one team that was mine.

Fan: What do you like to do in the offseason?

Andy: Like I said, we have a house in Texas, so we go back to Texas. We don’t do too much, relaxing, enjoy the time off. We took a couple vacations. We went to Hawaii last year, that was kind of fun…for the Pro Bowl. (laughing)

Fan: Will you stay with this team?

Andy: I hope so; I hope I spend my whole career here.

Fan: How much downtime do you actually get during the season?

Andy: I mean, Tuesdays are our off days. Mondays and Tuesdays we have our downtime.

MC: Does your wife run the show? Are you guys 50/50 or is she the boss?

Andy: She’s the boss.

Fan: Will we see any more of that Wildcat formation?

Andy: We are two for two with the Wildcat. They were both touchdowns, so I could see it being implemented a little bit more.

MC: Was that even put in for the preseason or anything because that just seems like it came in out of no where?

Andy: Well, we worked on it a little bit, but we basically put just put it in last week. I mean Mohamed Sanu, he played the Wildcat at Rutgers in college. So, he had done it a lot before so it was pretty easy to get it done.

MC: Honest answer, did you expect it work that well?

Andy: (Laughing) I was very pessimistic. I was thinking 2nd and 10, here it comes. But we talked about running that play on Wednesday and said it was going to be the first play of the game. We felt like that was the one we were going to get. Clearly it worked. 71 yards later it was a touchdown. It worked pretty well.