Who is Mohamed Sanu?

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By Chris Chase and Scott Gleeson, USA TODAY Sports

By now, almost everyone knows Mohamed Sanu’s draft story. Watching in anticipation for his name to be called in the 2012 NFL Draft, Sanu’s phone rang. When he answered, he heard the person on the other end tell him that they were representing the Cincinnati Bengals organization and the team was going to select him with their 27th overall pick in the draft. The pick came and went and Mohamed Sanu’s name was never called. It was a prank and a bad one, at that. The Bengals caught wind of the news and called Sanu to apologize. He was on their list of receivers, but they weren’t ready for him just yet. The next day when the draft resumed, Mohamed got the call that he had been waiting for. This time receiver’s coach James Urban was on the other end.

"Hey Mo, it’s James Urban. You want to be a Bengal – – this time, for real?"

Sanu accepted the team’s offer in the third round and he and the Bengals could not be happier. He was arguably one of the most talked about receivers in Cincinnati during the preseason. Everyone was anxious to see what he was capable of and if he could be the guy to line up next to Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green. Though, the latter is yet to be seen with the coming out of wide receiver Andrew Hawkins and the dynamic preseason play of rookie Marvin Jones, he has definitely proven that he is an exciting option in the offense.

Before the game against the Redskins, fans were questioning why the speedy Marvin Jones was not active for the road trip and the less proven receiver Mohamed Sanu would be suiting up instead. The Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati faithful did not have to wait long for their answer. This past Sunday, against an ailing defense in Washington D.C., the Bengals offense opened up with the wildcat. Quarterback, Andy Dalton, ran out wide, leaving Sanu lined up behind center. Once the ball was snapped, Sanu threw it for a 73 yard touchdown bomb to Green. His fantastic pass and catch with A.J. was just the beginning of an offensive showdown that did nothing but impress that day.