I’m spending this NFL season with Verizon’s Droid RAZR M. Here’s my Latest Review:


Jan 27, 2012, Honolulu, HI, USA; 8 year old Pious Casiano (top) and 5 year old Jarus Casiano (bottom), from Kapolei, HI, play video games on Verizon wireless devices during the Sunset on the Beach event in celebration of the 2012 Pro Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

I’m writing you all to let you know that Verizon was nice enough to grant Stripe Hype the opportunity to test its Droid RAZR M phone for free for the rest of the NFL season. I’ve been testing the phone for over a month now, and I must say I am very impressed with the performance and reliability of this phone.

To date, I have had experiences using the I Phone 3, 4, & 5, as well as the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, but I must say the RAZR compares favorably with them all.  When I first laid my hands on the RAZR, I was stunned by how small and compact it was, yet just how powerful this little fireball was. The screen size is bigger than what I thought it would be, yet it is lighter than the iPhone and the Note, and the screen is crystal clear and has a perfect brightness and contrast level.

To give you an idea of how reliable and powerful this phone is, whenever I’m in a large building with thick walls where my I Phone wouldn’t get service, such as my college or my National guard armory, the RAZR would pick up service in those same areas. Not only that, but in spots where my I Phone would not pick up a signal, my RAZR would seamlessly stream NFL mobile, allowing me to watch live NFL action anywhere I’ve taken the phone thus far.

Speaking of which, the biggest reason I was excited to use this phone was to watch NFL games using the Verizon NFL app. It also allows me to watch the NFL Network anytime, anywhere, so I’m never in the dark on the latest NFL news. This is especially beneficial for a college student and National Guard grunt like me who is constantly away from home, but have plenty of breaks to check my phone. Now I have the ability to watch the NFL Network if I’m at a place that does not have a TV.

One might think a phone wouldn’t be capable of allowing you to stream live TV with very good quality, as most phones struggle to play quality video. That’s not the case with the RAZR. It streams the NFL Network very well it high quality HD, but alos gives me the option to stream it in low quality if I want to save data or my bettery is running low, and it doesn’t get laggy or choppy like every other phone I’ve ever had does when streaming video. This is do inlarge part to the phone utilizing Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Using the internet on this phone is as fast as any computer internet I’ve ever used, and pages load almost instantly, and videos and podcasts download quickly and without a hitch.

As far as battery life goes, it easily lasts 20-30 hours if I make 20 minutes of phone calls and 30 minutes to an hour of web surfing or listening to music. Video streaming can be demanding as with any phone, and the heaviest load I put on it was trying to see how long it would stream the NFL Redzone on a Sunday. After turning it on at 1p.m., it streamed the Redzone seamlessly for 4 hours straight before finally giving out.

As the season goes on and I’m able to use it more, I’ll continue to post updates on how well it performs and my various experiences with it.