Ravens, or 49ers?

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Okay, here is the match-up. Baltimore vs. San Fransisco, the Harbaugh Bowl, as it is being called. These are two high-quality teams. One is playing in their 6th Super Bowl, while the other is playing in their 2nd. One has a Quarterback who is only on his way to his 10th NFL start, while one is overcoming a bunch of disappointment from previous AFC Championship games. Who will win? My guess is as good as yours.

Lets compare the teams:
The San Francisco 49ers have an insane weapon at QB, Colin Kaepernick. Their weapons that compliment Kaepernick include Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and an alum of my University, Marshall’s own Randy Moss. Their defense was ranked 3rd in the league and has three All-Pro linebackers.

Now we look at the AFC North’s own Baltimore Ravens. They are on a roll, and when I say they are on a roll, I mean they are on a roll. Not too many teams can go to the playoffs and beat Peyton Manning AND Tom Brady in their respective home stadiums.