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One Wish

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There’s a lot that I could do with but a single wish. So much could be done to improve my year. I could wish that my Cincinnati Bengals wouldn’t suck, that we’d have a run at the top, and better yet, the Steelers would have a turn at the bottom of the league for 20 years or so.  Andy Dalton really WOULD be Joe Montana, with A.J. Green as his Jerry Rice. There would be no more legal troubles. Mike Brown would hire a GM, build a practice bubble, get some scouts, and hire a great HC.  Bengals fans could finally be rewarded for years of loyalty.

Or my Kentucky Wildcats could become even more dominant. We’d win 3 straight championships, beating Duke in the finals of every game, at least 1 of them at the last second so I can stop seeing Christian Laettner every March. John Calipari could stop being compared with Rick Pitino, and would sign a lifetime contract, and more importantly, would really honor it. We’d sign the best players every year, and the NCAA would never investigate us once.

The Cincinnati Reds would become the Big Red Machine once more. Joey Votto would never leave, and win multiple MVPs in a Reds uniform, while a few Cy Young awards would come this way too. Albert Pujols would sign and break the all-time HR record in Cincinnati, on a grand slam to clinch the division, against the Braves, who would suck for all-time.