One Wish

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The Lakers would go on an unprecedented run of losing, while the Heat win a championship…the year after LeBron leaves.

Notre Dame would finally join a conference…Conference USA, due to nobody else wanting them.

College football would finally come to their senses and have a playoff system to determine the national champion.

Instead of being on 4 channels, March Madness would be on every channel.

The New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys would both be contracted.

The USA would win the world cup and every gold medal at the Olympics.

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson would wreck each other in every single race.

So much could be done.  But maybe, I should use my wish for the greater good. I could wish for world peace, or a cure for all diseases. I could wish for the world’s hunger problem to be solved, or for every homeless man, woman, child, or pet to have a place to live. I really could do great things with a solitary wish…but man, I really want to see my Bengals win a ring.

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