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Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis, Destiny Talk, and Super Bowl XLVII

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Their playoff run has been a combination of exceptional play by quarterback Joe Flacco and his receivers, as well as resurgent play by a Ray-led Baltimore defense.

In football, there is strength in the players. There is intelligence in the coaches. There is instinct, speed, and a test in every single play. There is the will to win.

Nowhere in that sentence did I mention anything about destiny.

There is nothing in the bible (or any holy book) that states anything about Super Bowl XLVII and the Baltimore Ravens. I’d be willing to bet that the big man sitting up on some golden thrown in heaven might not even watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, as crazy as that sounds to some of us.

The fact of the matter is that the Super Bowl will not be won because of some man’s career. Because when two teams enter the biggest stage in America, with millions of viewers across the world, nothing but what happens on the field during that game will have any say about what the final score will read.

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