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How Jim Harbaugh Single-Handedly set the NFL back 5 Years

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So, why is no one saying anything? There is no motivation for the 49ers, they are not going to reverse their decision. There is no motivation for media outlets, because Colin Kaepernick is a great story, a 2nd year player who is becoming a superstar overnight. Alex Smith won’t say anything because he is trying to be a “good teammate” and increase his stock for next season.

Now it is up to the NFL to do something, and of course they will not. The Super Bowl brings in billions in revenues and telling a franchise what to do is unheard of. In a league dominated by hard hits and bombarded with player safety questions, the NFL has been great in saying what they are going to do to protect the players. Doing, is another matter.

Earlier in the playoffs the Washington Redskins were severely criticized for their horrible field conditions which in many opinions assisted in RG3’s injury, however the league remained idle. In the spectacle that is upcoming, the Super Bowl, feel free to root for your favorite team, or against your least favorite team, but know one thing, player safety looks good on paper, but when Jim Harbaugh tested it, nothing was nor will be ever done about it.

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