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Super Bowl 2013: 5 Players to Watch

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2. Colin Kaepernick: Kaepernick is a smart, big time quarterback with a absolute cannon and can run like a gazelle, or whatever other metaphor is needed. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is Kaepernick’s age and experience which are both low. Hopefully there are enough weapons around Kaepernick so he isn’t overwhelmed by the big stage and suffocating Ravens defense. The best defensive team he has faced was Seattle on 12/23 in which he completed 19 passes for 244 yards, a touchdown and an interception, with a quarterback rating of 72.0 and a completion percentage of 52.8. If the bright lights and big stage of the Super Bowl aren’t too much to handle then the 49ers offense should gold rush (and pass) their way past Baltimore. If it does become too much for the young man, then the fastest person on the field will be Kaepernick chasing Ed Reed into the end zone.

3. Ray Lewis: Yes, it’s here, Ray’s final ride. One last time to see the Hall of Fame linebacker who has terrorized Bengals quarterbacks for 17 years. I firmly believe one of the main reasons for the great play of the Ravens during the playoffs is knowing Ray will no longer take the field with them after this game. To spare all of us the preaching of Ray Lewis, I will cut to the chase. He has to play like this is his last game. No blown coverage, no old guy excuses, and certainly no stupid cheap-shot penalties. A field goal may decide this game, and putting the 49ers in field goal range because he was playing “1990s football” is inexcusable. Know the rules and know what is legal and illegal in the NFL.

4. David Akers: That’s right, I picked a kicker. I could’ve gone back to offense, or defense, but like I said before, this game may be decided by a field goal. Who knows, we might be staring down the barrel of the most boring Super Bowl ever in a 3-0 contest. Either way, it doesn’t matter how they win as long as they win. Akers has been a solid kicker most of his career, and even when he came to San Francisco, most everybody thought he could revamp his career as a 49er. As of late, he seems to be the last person the 49ers fans want kicking the ball and on the world’s biggest stage, when it matters most, they may want Harbaugh to go for it. Akers has to have the game of his life and make sure that if they lose it is not because of him, otherwise he might want to take a separate flight back to San Fran.