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Eye-Draft – You’re On The Clock!


Created by former NFL General Manager Ted Sunquist, t

he 2013 Eye-Draft is here to make fans, bloggers, and anyone who loves the NFL Draft the


to put your college football talent evaluation skills to the test and upgrade your favorite NFL team the same way  owners, general managers, and coaches do:

"** Pick by pick, round by round – Eye-Draft will change the way you look at Pro Football Management **Here’s how it works;• Register your email address at• Enter to GM your favorite team or any number of teams.• No single person can represent more than one Club per draft, but multiple drafts will be conducted.  Select one team or try to manage all 32 over 32 different Drafts!• Evaluate the College Players through your own trusted scouting sources in the media, online, or in person.• Build your draft board and formulate your strategies in preparation of being ON THE CLOCK.• Eye-Draft will use the identical rules, time constraints, and selection sequence that the PROS use at the start of the official Draft.  Then you’ll be able to make trades up to grab that franchise quarterback, or fall back to leverage even more talent.  You can accumulate numerous picks or zero in on just a few.  It’s all up to you!• Winners will be determined by who comes closest to the ACTUAL selections (Round and Player) of the teams they represent."

Here’s the full release.