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Week in Review: 2013 Could Be A Big Year for Bengals

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Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a playoff win……..yet. Can they do it? Only time will tell, but if upper management plays its cards right, it will happen. Get a new RB, a Safety, and a #2 receiver, a linebacker and this team could be unstoppable.

There are plenty of options:

RBs Montee Ball (Wisconsin), Kenjon Barner (Oregon), Stefphon Taylor (Stanford), and  Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina), and that is if Lattimore is fully healed from that horrific knee injury.

Safeties Matt Elam (Florida), Eric Reid (LSU), Phillip Thomas (Fresno State), Tony Jefferson (Oklahoma)

WRs Tavon Austin (West Virginia), Keenan Allen (Cal), Robert Woods (USC), DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson).

The Bengals can fill all three voids in this upcoming draft, and all of these players have great potential. You are gonna need all the help they need playing teams like Green Bay, Minnesota, or New England. You fill these voids, and the Bengals can bring Andy Dalton and A.J. Green’s first AFC North Championship. Winning totals can improve, turning 10-6 to 11-5, 12-4, and maybe 13-3 or better. Just draft right, and success will come.

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