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Cincinnati Bengals Free Agent Priorities

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Dec 23, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) is sacked by Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins (97) during the second half of the game at Heinz Field. The Bengals won the game, 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Next is Geno Atkins who is a free agent after next season. Geno Atkins has emerged as the best defense tackle in football and is right up there with Green in value to the team. Haloti Ngata who used to hold the title of best DT in the league signed a 5 year 60 million dollar deal and once again, Atkins may want more than that.

With his contract expiring soon, Atkins right now is the number 1 priority in re-signing and I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable having him go into next season without an extension. Hopefully when the Bengals sign Atkins to an extension, that’s at least 12 million on the books right there. That combined with AJ’s is close to 29 million dollars and pretty much cuts our cap space in half.