73 Eddie Edwards Days until the 2013 NFL Draft

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Sports Illustrated did an article on the NFL’s All-Time Franchise Sacks Leaders, Edwards is actually the Bengals leader in that category:

"Edwards may have to introduce himself to most casual NFL fans, as his career spanned one of the more underwhelming eras in Bengals history. But don’t be fooled by the rather pedestrian career total of 47.5 sacks. Most of Edwards’ sacks came before they were an official statistic. The Bengals have Edwards’ unofficial total at 83.5, and he was a terror to block in the late-1970s."

Eddie Edwards is still remembered as one of the Miami Hurricanes’ very best. At he U, he was an All-American as he averaged better than 13 tackles and two quarterback sacks per game in his senior season.

Here is Edwards most recent public interview:

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