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NFL Trade Rumors: Percy Harvin Coming to Ohio?

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Unfortunately for the Bengals, not only would a trade for Harvin go against Mike Brown’s belief of not trading high draft-picks for players, but is already speculating where he could land, and Cincinnati isn’t one of the five destinations. Instead, they believe he could wind up with that other Ohio team:

"Cleveland Browns: The good people of Cleveland deserve a dynamic star they can call their own. Seriously, can you name one since the Browns came back into the league in 1999? The Browns should have ample cap space to extend Harvin, who would team with Josh Gordon and Greg Little to form a rock-solid group of young wideouts. Throw Trent Richardson into that mix at running back, and the Browns — at long last — might be onto something."

With the Browns set lo lose their own receiver/kick-returner in Josh Cribbs, a trade for Harvin would make perfect sense for the Browns. Maybe the thought of having to face Harvin twice a year will entice Brown to make a trade to avoid that scenario.

Another downside to trading for Harvin would be his expiring contract, and he’s expected to command around $10 million per season in his next deal.

Still, if the Bengals feel that Harvin could be the difference in being a playoff team and being a Super Bowl team next season, then wouldn’t a second-round pick be worth one Super Bowl run, even if Percy leaves after next year?

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