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How Percy Harvin Could spend 2013 in Bengals Stripes

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The determining factor for the Bengals is how much will he cost?  Not just money wise, but also chemistry wise.  Harvin will more than likely part ways with the Vikings for either a 2nd, or 3rd round pick, and the new suitor will definitely have to pick up the remainder of his 5 year $14.5 million dollar contract he signed in 2009. 

With an additional second round pick, courtesy of the Carson Palmer trade, and a seemingly unlimited salary cap, look for the Bengals to contemplate a move for Harvin. The only thing holding this deal back would be how he would fit in the now hum drum Bengals locker room. 

Harvin had a bout with his current head coach Leslie Frazier, who is a former Bengals assistant.  This may not help his cause any, but if the Vikings want to deal him badly enough, Mike Brown may get them to eat some of that contract, especially if he sweetens the deal with that extra 2nd round pick.  Brown has a history of bringing in troubled athletes, almost making Cincinnati the proverbial Ellis Island of underachieving talent. 

Recently, the Bengals have done well with these types of players, and he might be the guy who pieces this wide receiver core together, and adds a real home-run threat to the kick return game.  If this price is right, look for Mike Brown and the Bengals to at minimum be in the discussion for Harvin, and don’t be too surprised if he ends up in orange and black.

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