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Mocking the NFL Draft

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1. Kansas City Chiefs -NFL Play 60 Kid, QB

This player is a very raw talent but has more potential than anyone in the draft. He technically is not old enough to play in the NFL but the Chiefs won’t be competing anytime soon and it would be a perfect opportunity to develop a young quarterback. Every seems to agree that he will become a successful QB and even though it’s not certain if he will become an elite player one thing is certain, he will be everyone’s Moms favorite player.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars-Leon Sandcastle, CB

Sandcastle seemed to come out of nowhere as he made some jaws drop at the combine with his insane 4.2 40 yard dash time and amazing ability to shut down pretty much anyone. I know it’s early, but I could see Sandcastle becoming a Deon Sanders type player because from watching film they almost look identical. The Jaguars are just going for best player available here and Leon Sandcastle fits the bill and will be the league’s next shut down corner.

3. Oakland Raiders -Shane Falco, QB

With the trade for Carson Palmer not working out, the Raiders are on the lookout for another old washed up QB and I think Falco is their guy. Falco led a group of replacements to a playoff win and that’s barely a step up from the Raiders roster today so, Falco should feel right at home.