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8. Buffalo Bills-Kevin Milbert (Guy who found Joe Montanna’s cleats) QB

The Bills franchise hasn’t been good for a while and it seems like only an elite player can turn the team around. After the Bills’ front office watched the movie “Like Mike” and hearing about Milbert finding legendary QB Joe Montana’s cleats, they are hoping Kevin can capture some of Montana’s abilities and become Buffalo’s next franchise QB. It may seem like a stretch but the Bills have tried everything there is to get there first championship so why not?

9. New York Jets-Rudy, QB

The Jets have just an awful locker room and the buzz going around the league is that they feel Rudy can change that. Rudy brings a lot of heart every time he steps onto the field and all his past teammates say it was an honor to play with him. The reason I have Rudy playing QB instead of LB which was his position in college is because with how bad the Jets’ QBs are, they can’t get worse. Plus with Tebow and Rudy being on the same team, the Jets would have more heart and more inspirational stories than any team combined.

10. Cincinnati Bengals-Carrot Top, WR

I see the Bengals trading up to add that final piece to their team that will propel them to the Super Bowl.

The Bengals have had past success drafting gingers so why stop now? Bringing another ginger on the team will make Andy Dalton feel more comfortable with his surrounding and being more comfortable may mean better success on the field. Also with Top as the second wide out, all the corner backs will be fixated on Carrot Top as he does his routine which will lead to less defenders on Green. This pick has absolutely no down side (besides Top’s inability to play receiver of course) and I really feel like the Bengals would get a good one.

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