Film Study: William Moore and George Wilson as Free Agent Targets

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Long-Term Outlook: William Moore

Even though he only has four years of experience in the league, William Moore is already 27. Even worse, he has only played one complete season. Two other seasons have consisted of only 12 games, including 2012.

Still, under former Marvin Lewis colleague Mike Nolan, Moore played some of his best football in the complex coverages and aggressive schemes that the Falcons played this season under Nolan. Even though he had 4 interceptions, one short of the 5 he had in his only 16-game season, he played his most disruptive football with 2 forced fumbles and a sack.

One of the selling points of why Moore would fit in well with the Bengals defense is his ability to play in the box or up high. He and safety Thomas DeCoud were played interchangeably across the field, and managed to fluster the normally unflappable Peyton Manning.

William Moore intercepts Peyton Manning as the Atlanta Falcons beat the Denver Broncos in the Georgia Dome

This interception was a combination of Moore’s ability to cover ground, awareness of Manning’ s tendencies and an excellent scheme by Nolan. DeCoud lined up high towards the offense’s strong side with the tight end, and Moore stood in the middle of the linebackers in one of Nolan’s roving, amoeba formations.

At the snap, DeCoud dropped down to an underneath zone and cornerback Asante Samuel took the deep zone, maybe to stop Manning’s hi-lo bread and butter. But Manning ran another old favorite, all-verticals.

Manning thought he has the slot receiver with a clear shot as Jacob Tamme beat his man off the line of scrimmage with no safety over the top. But Moore dropped at the snap and took a perfect angle to head off the slot receiver and undercut the throw to make the interception

And while Moore might not be the thumper that Landry or Goldson are, he is not shy to make plays in the box.