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Film Study: William Moore and George Wilson as Free Agent Targets

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William Moore stuffs Willis McGahee as the Atlanta Falcons defeat the Denver Broncos in the Georgia Dome.

Later in the Broncos game, Manning dialed up a zone run to the right. Like earlier with Wilson, Moore’s quick move to the line prevented a big play as the offensive line occupied the defensive front.

But the difference is explosion: Moore shuffled inward until Willis McGahee cut and committed towards the gap, with his duties as the spill man. He was explosive enough to meet McGahee at the line, but did not have to commit too early to risk guessing incorrectly.

At the point of impact, Moore stood McGahee up and stopped the run for no gain. Granted, Moore’s health issues would warrant an incentive-laden contract, but that should not be a problem in a soft market. If Moore, or another player with long-term potential were signed, the Bengals could concentrate on linebackers, pass rushers and offensive weapons early in the draft and grab the best player available. Plus, Moore is rumored to want to move back closer to his home, in the bootheel of Missouri, and Cincinnati is only six hours away.

With a deep draft class, a huge value is bound to turn up late in the draft and could be developed or pressed into service in case of emergency.

No matter what, it is a great time to improve safety talent in the NFL. The Bengals are likely to find a great  deal, but a strategic, yet not financially crippling, free agency signing, will, like the Dude’s rug, really tie the offseason together.

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