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AFC North: James Harrison Could Remain a Steeler

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The NFL Draft is approaching fast, but there still is a cloud of uncertainty regarding all of this year’s quarterback prospects. Tynan Patrick of actually believes NC State QB Mike Glennon is one of the top prospects, even going as far as to compare him to the Ravens’ own Joe Flacco:

"Mike Glennon, NC State- (2/14/13)Glennon is the most interesting QB in the top of this draft. He has a huge huge arm. Like a Joe Flacco/Jay Cutler/Matt Stafford type arm.  He is extremely tall(though he is very lanky and needs to pack on about 20 lbs to his frame) and can make every throw on the field. He has a good feel for defenses and shows a lot of potential. he basically had nothing to work with on the NC State offense and he still churned out some pretty good numbers. I like Glennon quite a bit and i probably have him ranked higher than you will see most places. Glennon is a bit of a project though, his footwork in the pocket leaves a lot to be desired and he tends to get trigger happy when there are bodies at his feet and his OL falls apart. Those are both very fixable things(he isnt afraid of contact like Gabbert). Pro Player Comparison: a skinny Joe Flacco."

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, you can now spend 24 minutes of your life reliving the horror story that has been the Cleveland Browns since their return to the NFL in 1999:

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