Stripe Hype Interviews Former NFL All-Pro Deltha O’Neal

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SH: What former players did you model your game after the most?

Deltha: ( Prime time) Deion Sanders the best that ever played the position

SH: You played for the Broncos, Bengals, and Patriots. How different were each teams’ dedication to winning?

Deltha: Well, it varies from each team.

To me, the Broncos always made a mark of greatness during the 90’s, so when I got to the team it was more so for me and the rest of the rookie class to follow suit.

As far as the Bengals, it was a rough decade in the 90’s, so around 2004, which I consider a rebuilding process for the Bengals, it wasn’t the best organization to be apart of, but the players and the coaches knew this, so we had to make the best of nothing, which we did, and I tell you I had the time of my life as a Bengal.

When you look at the Patriots 2000 until now has been the good years inNew England, so I seen similarities there like I did inDenver. Great program. Great organization.

SH: What made you be able to rack up so many interceptions, especially in 2005?

Deltha: Skill, preparation and believe it or just pure fun trying to set a bar above the rest