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College Football: Why the SEC Has Risen to Dominance in College Football

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However, a trend like that is never overlooked. And when those two or three teams brought football success to their schools, they also brought the idea of football success to a conference as a whole.

Suddenly, athletic recruits weren’t so interested in PAC-12 schools. Not nearly as much as the SEC schools that were suddenly represented by superstar football teams.

The SEC started attracting so much talent from high schools across the nation, that is was only a matter of time before the whole conference became boosted through the influx of those young high school stars. And when a school gets that high level of recruits each year, it forms a sort of football dynasty. One where even as seniors leave, the program doesn’t have to spend time rebuilding.

And that’s when the SEC became the juggernaut of college football.

Nowadays, college football fans expecting the best out of the SEC has become a popular trend. As it should be with how good the football programs have developed. Six SEC teams were in the top 25 BCS rankings last year, with Alabama grabbing both the No. 1 ranking and the BCS Championship win.

What about the other teams in the top 25 rankings? Even the top 10?

They’ve become almost irrelevant.

The fact is that SEC fans don’t have any reason not to be confident in their schools and their conference. Time and time again, no matter the ranking, an SEC school has crushed a non-SEC school in a game of close national ranking.

So until a non-SEC gets that crucial win and breaks the chain, the trend is going to continue.

It won’t last forever, simply because it can’t. But right now, between people’s opinion, talent of the schools and the fact that its hard to argue with the stats, it’s certainly hard to tell when that end will be in sight.

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