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Week in Review: 2013 NFL Draft: Top 10 QB Prospects

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As we have seen in the NFL the last few years, a really good QB is required to win the Super Bowl. Every year teams are trying to hit the next big QB, some in the top 10, some in the mid rounds. As we seen last year with Russell Wilson, it’s not only the 1st round guys who can have a huge impact. This years QB crop is different from most years in the fact that you don’t have ant consensus top 10 quarterbacks. Every quarterback in this draft has drastically varying rankings. So lets dive in a little deeper and take a look at the top 10 quarterbacks a little more in depth. Lets start with #10.

# 10 – Colton Chapple QB Harvard

This little known QB has a lot of skills. Now he hasn’t played against top end talent, that is true, but he can do a lot of things. He is a good athlete, who can move outside the pocket and take off and run anytime. He ran the pistol offense at Harvard, and ran it very well. With the pistol making its way into the NFL, someone who has some proficiency in it would make a lot of sense for many teams. He doesn’t have an elite arm like Glennon and Bray, but puts good touch on the ball. He threw for 24 TD’s this year as well as adding 9 rushing TD’s. He was the Ivy Leagues OPY. Would be a very good late round developmental project.

Should be picked – Mid 4th – Early 5th round

NFL Comparison – Colt McCoy

Nov 22, 2011; Athens, OH, USA; Miami-Ohio Redhawks quarterback Zac Dysert (4) looks to pass against the Ohio Bobcats at Peden Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

#9 Zac Dysert QB Miami (Ohio)

Dysert has a good, over the top release on his throws. Shows good touch and shows good accuracy on his underneath throws. Didn’t throw many passes down the field in college, and might not possess the the velocity on the ball to fit it into tight windows. Good athlete who can move, but is a little inconsistent when throwing on the run. Isn’t afraid to stay in the pocket and take a hit to get the ball where he wants it. Played out of the spread, so can he adjust to a pro offense, but with the way spread QBs have adapted the last few years, that is less of a concern. Isn’t as big or physical. He is going to need a year or 2 to learn before he has a chance of starting.

Should be picked – 4th round.

NFL Comparison – Ryan Fitzpatrick