Week in Review: 2013 NFL Draft: Top 10 QB Prospects

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#8 Matt Barkley QB USC

Some people that I’ve talked too like Barkley way more than I do. He had one of the best supporting casts in the nation, Silas Redd is a good RB, while he had the best WR duo in the nation, only rivaled by Tennessee. However his game film and production this past year didn’t reflect his great supporting cast. Barkley doesn’t have the physical tools of a Mike Glennon or a Tyler Bray. His decision making also took a hit this year, which is worrisome with his lack of elite arm strength. Had he left last year, he would have been a top 10 pick and a team may still reach for him there this year because of name recognition, but it would be a mistake.

Should be picked – Mid 3rd to Mid 4th

NFL Comparison – Matt Leinart

#7 Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse

Nassib has a good arm, but not a great one. When pressure is in his face, he tends to make bad decisions and force throws. He is an adequate athlete, but not a great one. He throws well on the run, putting the ball where he wants it very accurately. He is a tough guy, who will take a hit to get the throw off. He had a very disappointing Senior Bowl and looks to have a slight hitch in his delivery. Nassib didn’t have great skill players around him, but still had a very good year. Had one of the most impressive performances of the year in his game against Northwestern.

Should be picked – Early 3rd – Early 4th

NFL Comparison – Andy Dalton

#6 Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

Wilson shows good athleticism in which he can elude the rush and pick up yards with his feet if need be. Isn’t as tall as you would love your QB to be, but his height doesn’t hurt him in game. He is very accurate on throws under 15 yards, but when he has to throw down the field he is quite inconsistent. Doesn’t have elite arm strength, but tries to fit the ball into windows that require an elite arm. He is very tough, but has some injuries issues, as well as 2 concussions in 2 years. Makes good decisions, but had a very down year as a Senior which makes me question spending a high pick on him.

Should be picked – Mid 2nd – Mid 3rd

NFL Comparison – Kirk Cousins