Week in Review: 2013 NFL Draft: Top 10 QB Prospects

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#5 Matt Scott QB Arizona

A great athlete at the QB position, shows great elusiveness avoiding defenders in the pocket and when he takes off and runs. He has a very strong arm to make all the NFL throws. He has a good delivery and can drive passes into very tight windows. He shows good ball placement and gives his WRs a chance to pick up yards after catch. Throws well on the run and keeps his eyes down field as he moves. He is tough and will take the big hit to make a throw, but is slender and may be prone to injuries. Will have to adjust to NFL offenses since he played in shotgun the majority of the time. Has a tendency to throw high and cause his WRs to take a big hit when he is off target.

Should be picked – 2nd round

NFL Comparison – Russell Wilson

#4 E.J. Manuel QB Florida State

Manuel is an exceptional athlete who has a very strong arm. He has great size for a QB at 6’4, 235 pounds and is very elusive getting out of the pocket and making defenders miss. He has a good, quick release, but isn’t a great pocket passer. He does however have great raw physical and athletic ability. Had a bad game against Florida where he threw 3 interceptions and had a fumble, but that 1 game shouldn’t override all the good tape on him. Is inconsistent and would probably benefit from sitting a year after drafted. He needs to learn to put a little more touch on the ball, but is a very good down the field passer.

Should be picked – 2nd round

NFL Comparison – Josh Freeman

#3 Tyler Bray QB Tennessee

Tyler Bray may have the most arm talent in this entire draft. He can make any throw on the field and fit the ball into virtually any window. He exudes confidence and isn’t afraid to let the ball rip. He is very accurate when driving the ball rather than when he has to put touch on the ball. He throws a great slant pattern and puts the ball where his WRs can get yards after the catch. However on other throws he can be inaccurate and make his wide receivers adjust so that they can’t pick up as much YAC. He relies on his arm a little too much and doesn’t always step into his throws. He can be over confident and try to fit the ball where he shouldn’t. Could really use a year to sit and learn in the NFL, but his natural arm talent can’t be denied.

Should be picked – Mid 1st – Early 2nd

NFL Comparison – Jay Cutler

#2 Mike Glennon QB N.C. State

Glennon falls right after Bray to me as having the most natural talent in this draft. He has an extremely strong arm and can make any throw that can be asked of him. He stands in the pocket well and shows a good feel for the defense. He put up good numbers this year that would have been even better if he had any offensive talent on that team around him. He needs to work on his footwork and learn to step up in the pocket and slide to avoid defenders as opposed to just fading backwards like he did in college. He has inconsistent accuracy and decision making, but his potential is undeniable. Could benefit from sitting out and watching his rookie year, but could make some noise as a rookie.

Should be picked – Mid 1st – Late 1st

NFL Comparison – Joe Flacco