Week in Review: Stripehype Stats: Receiver Rating / Production Rating

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*Note: Additional research on this was done by Joe Johnson

For years NFL fans have gone on their favorite sites to monitor stats. For years there have been multiple ways for rating receivers. And for years the NFL has thought it was more important to rate only the Quarterback position with not one, but two different scales. Well now Stripehype has a way to rate receivers, and soon running backs.

There are many different formula’s out there that experts use in order to rate receivers. Some of them just use yards per game, and yards per catch. Well we here at Stripehype have conducted a formula that takes all major categories into consideration; receptions, drops, yards per game, and more.

One of these stats is a receiver rating. This takes into account how good a receivers hands are in terms of catchable passes, and how productive they are per game. The stat truly reflects how good of a pure receiver you are.

The second stat is how productive you are as a receiver. These numbers may shock you a little bit with seeing some of the leagues most prized receivers not having the best production ratings, and on the contrary some of the more middle of the run receivers having some numbers that prove they are a valuable asset to the team.


Calvin Johnson – 214.5

– Calvin Johnson this season had the best receiver rating in the NFL. This makes perfect sense since he broke the single season record for yardage. He averaged out to 122.8 yards per game, and had 11 drops this season. Now 11 drops may seem like quite a bit, but he had 122 receptions So the most receptions you have, the less the drops hurt your rating.