Week in Review: Stripehype Stats: Receiver Rating / Production Rating

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Andre Johnson – 194.8

– That number may seem like a bit of a drop off; however, he still had the second highest in the league. Johnson had 99.9 yards per game with only six drops the whole season. So very solid hands and some pretty good yardage numbers.

Nov 25, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green warms up before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Green – 175.8

– I though I would give the Bengals some love in order to make all of you lovely fans and readers happy. Green had a disappointing year in terms of drops with nine, which hurts his rating considering he had 97 receptions. I know 97 is a lot, but like I stated with Calvin Johnson, the more receptions you have the more drops you can afford. Also Green had 84.4 yards per game. Not a number to turn your head at, but still substantially less than one of Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson.

Lets look at some second tier receivers so you can get a feel for how the numbers correlate:

Brian Hartline – 162.6

– As many of you will and should agree, Hartline is a solid receiver, but he is not the premier receiver that every team needs to or should have. With 74 receptions and 4 drops, he had some pretty solid hands, but with only 67.7 yards per game, his rating is going to be a little bit lower. Now I would definitely take Hartline as a no. 2 receiver because he does not drop passes, but also he gets a solid amount of yards.

Lance Moore – 157.9

Now many of you may argue that Moore is a much better receiver than Hartline, and we will take a second look at that in the Production rating. Moore did drop 5 passes this season, and Moore not being the Saints no. 1 receiver, he does not get the amount of receptions (only 65) that can make the 5 drops look less substantial. He did have 65.1 yards per game which helped him out.


This rating system may upset some people out there that are say, Lions Fans, but this stats also gives a good idea for how productive a receiver is per reception. So let’s start at the top of the list for top tier receivers.

Vincent Jackson – 20.3

Jackson may have had only 72 receptions this season, but he still had the yardage that some of the more well regarded receivers in the league have. This stat does take drops into affect, but they aren’t as heavily weighted as they are in the Rating stat. One variable that makes this stat what it is, is the touchdowns. Jackson had 8 touchdowns this season, with the little, or lesser, amount of receptions that he had compared to Calvin Johnson, or Andre Johnson.

Eric Decker – 24.1

– Yet again we have a receiver he is valuable to his team, but was not the number one; however, Decker had 13 touchdowns through 85 receptions. He may not have had the yards that Calvin Johnson had, but he scored with more frequency.