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NFL Free Agency: How Alex Smith Trade Affects Cincinnati Bengals

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This happens while the Bengals are currently trying to re-sign Andre Smith. While he plays the right side primarily, a lot of teams are looking to upgrade both tackle spots, but no one could afford to pay both Albert and Smith. This in essence lessens the potential market for Smith, who is likely to either re-sign with the Bengals, or get hit with the franchise tag.

And then there’s the franchise tag scenario. By tagging Smith, he would have to play for the next year under a one-year deal, and would get to see what kind of deal is given to Albert, who is seeking a contract that would make him one of the highest-paid tackles in the league. Then, Smith and his agent would factor that in their demands as they’ll likely seek a deal better than Albert’s.

Oh, and after the reported haul the 49ers got for their backup QB, Bengals fans were reminded of just how good of a trade they scored when they sent the “retired” Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders:

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