HGH Testing in the NFL Faces Another Setback

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These notions do contradict the NFL’s stance on player safety, but it seems every action the NFL takes contradicts safety.  Also, take in consideration the NFL schedules games on Sundays and then again on Thursday nights.  If HGH testing is banned, the NFL may not be able to have those Thursday games on its own network since the injury reports may keep the star players out whom just played 4 days previously. 

Although the NFL has proposed an HGH test that is conducive for them and the Players Union, implementing testing is now stalling to a near crawl. Both sides seem to be taking steps forward for HGH testing, but no one has grabbed this issue by the horns nor wants to.  Every time there is progress, something comes along that halts progress, and sometimes moves it backwards. Until both sides are serious about testing and both agree to uphold the CBA they both signed, look for us to go through the 2013 NFL season with no testing in place, and certainly no repercussions for players who use HGH. 

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