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Lane Johnson Recalls Odd Meeting with Bengals During NFL Scouting Combine


Oct 13, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooner tackle Lane Johnson (69) in action against the Texas Longhorns during the red river rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson was one of many attendees at this weekend’s NFL Scouting Combine. He, like many others, with through a series of various tests, both physically and mentally, to give NFL coaches and executives and idea of how good of an NFL prospect he is.

During the interview sessions, he was surprised and confused by the methods used by the Cincinnati Bengals:

"One thing caught me off guard. I was meeting with Cincinnati, and I went in there and they told me to remember five things. They just listed five things like a bear, a flower, a tree, a man and like a dog. And they told me to remember those terms, at the end of the meeting to see if I could remember them. And from that point on, they listed numbers. They said, like, 9167, and then told me to repeat them in reverse order. So that was probably the weirdest meeting I’ve ever been a part of."

Credit to Mike Dyce for pointing this out.

So what were the Bengals trying to figure out with that interview? His memory skills? Making calls at the line in the middle of a game?

Hey, at least they didn’t ask him if his mom was a prostitute. 

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