Cincinnati Bengals Round Table: Grooming a New Backup Quarterback

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No. Andy Dalton is still showing some inconsistencies and would benefit more from a veteran play caller. Bruce Gradkowski was debatably one of best back-up quarterbacks in the League last year, and his departure is confusing. I’d give Dalton more mentorship before I’d give him someone to mentor. And if mentorship isn’t going to be going in one direction or the other than its pretty obvious what drafting a quarterback like, say Landry Jones, would be perceived as: competition.

Joe Johnson

In the case of drafting a quarterback to be Andy Dalton’s back up, I say no. It is a waste of a draft pick. There are plenty of capable back-ups out there in free agency. There are bigger needs in the draft than a back-up quarterback, like runningback, a #2 receiver, or a defensive end in the later rounds. Those are some back-ups you need in the draft.

There are a few solid back-ups in free agency. Jason Campbell was having a good season for Oakland before he got hurt and was replaced by Palmer. Vince Young has a better career win-loss record (31-19). Kellen Clemens was a solid back-up/starter in the Jets organization, and a solid back-up with St. Louis

Chase Fitzgerald

They need to draft a QB even if they brought back Gradkowski. They need to start grooming a QB to compete with Dalton. He’s been good, but a little competition is never bad and you never know, maybe the Bengals pick the next Tom Brady. The Bengals should definitely take a QB around round 4-7.

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