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ICYMI: NFL Draft Interview: Towson Safety Jordan Dangerfield

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Explain to us what you’re doing to prepare for the upcoming draft. The workouts, the interviews, you’re school’s pro day, etc.

"I will be attending the NFL Regional Combine in Tampa on March 9th and Towson’s Pro Day will be on March 12th.  To prepare for these I have been training with Mike Gough at Athletic Edge Sports in Bradenton, Florida.We have two-a-days on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays consisting of position drills, combine drills or agility drills, and we do conditioning in the mornings and lifting in the afternoons. On Wednesdays we concentrate on position drills and yoga in the afternoon.  On Friday mornings we focus on position drills and combine drills. Saturday mornings is a lift and we have Sundays off. Every other week I get a full body massage."

What person has been most instrumental in helping you develop into the player you are today?

"Both of my parents were the most instrumental – My mother Erica Dangerfield and My father David Dangerfield who passed away on August 1, 2009 right before I went off to Hofstra."

What player, college or pro, would you compare your game to the most?

"Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu.  Ed Reed by the way I can cover, hit and have an instinct for the ball.  Same thing with Troy Polamalu.  I am very similar to him because the way he is utilized by the Steelers, always moving around, is the same way I was used in the Towson defensive scheme."

What would you say are your biggest strengths on the field are?

"Readingrun vs. pass, taking good angles, running the alley, pressman, hard hitting, tackling, being a ball hawk, coverage and getting the defense lined up."