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Bengals Banter: Talking Terence Newman, Rey Maualuga, & the Receiving Corps

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NFL reporter Jay Glazier, who is also an MMA trainer for NFL players, has been training Maualuga this offseason, and was taken aback by how hard Rey has been training:

"How many guys are doing double sessions in March? He’s picked up some things faster than anybody ever has. The guy’s a freak when it comes to being an athlete. Part of what we do is to try to instill a fighter’s mentality. But he’s already got that. He already thinks like that. The guy is a warrior. We’re doing a ton of Greco Roman wrestling trying to get him to lower his body level and get him used to different bodies working against him. We’re also working on violent hand fighting. You look at the guy across from you and you’re thinking, ‘I’ve already done worse things in MMA training. He works extremely hard. He’s losing six pounds a session with me."

When asked about his young corps of receivers, Marvin Lewis was quick to note how far Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones have come since the beginning of their rookie year, and how he won’t look to add a veteran receiver:

"Mo Sanu (is) way ahead of where one certain receiver (Chad Johnson) was in his second year playing in the National Football League. I’ll go on record saying that. You are not a positive in making your team better when you keep adding old guys. What did Randy Moss do for those guys (the 49ers) last year? He did nothing. He got in the way of a younger player performing."

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