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ICYMI: NFL Draft: The case for Bengals Drafting Bjoern Werner or Alex Okafor

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With all of the mock drafts and talking heads on the major networks having the Bengals selecting an Offensive Tackle or Safety with the first overall pick I would like to discuss the possibility of making our defensive line even stronger. The defensive line is where it all starts in Mike Zimmer’s defense.

Although I don’t expect Andre Smith to leave via free agency, who knows what goes through his head, from holding out after being drafted by the Bengals which eventually knocked him out for most of his first season due to conditioning. His epic shirtless 40-yard dash that will go down in combine history as one of the funniest things to ever to happen in my life time. And not to mention he goes through agents like he is on some weird version of the Bachelor. With all of that being said I still believe Marvin Lewis will not let him walk despite Mike Browns tight purse strings which are the reasons why I don’t see the Bengals selecting a Tackle in the first round.

I believe there are better safeties in the free-agent market than we will get in the draft at this point. In other words Mike Brown, quit dragging your feet and start getting guys in for visits. Kenny Vacarro, Matt Elam, and John Cyprien have a lot of potential. But we have seen a lot of safeties come in and out of Cincinnati that had potential that they never really put together. I would rather bring in a proven commodity than gamble on a pick that may work out in a few years.