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Thanks again Carson!

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After the Super Bowl I started hearing that Carson Palmer was demanding to be traded or he would retire. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Carson Palmer would rather retire than play out the contract that he had agreed to honor. From all accounts I believed he was done. I never imagined that any team would be so desperate as to give us a 1st and 2nd round draft pick for a beat up disgruntled quarterback. Enter the Oakland Raiders and Hue Jackson.

Half way through the 2011 season Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was lost for the season. The stars had aligned and the week of the trade deadline the impossible happened. Carson Palmer was shipped to the Oakland Raiders and the NFL was calling Mike Brown a genius (I didn’t even know his name could even be said in the same sentence as genius). Everyone in Cincinnati rejoiced because we already had his replacement in Andy Dalton. We basically got two draft picks for something we had already moved away from and didn’t plan on using anyway. The Carson Palmer era had finally ended, and the Andy Dalton era had just begun.

Fast forward to 2013: Rumors were starting to bubble out of Oakland that the Raiders were either going to have to re-negotiate Carson Palmers contract from $13 million to $10 million or they were going to have to cut him…. A few weeks later Carson Palmer is officially traded to the Arizona Cardinals for a few late round draft picks. Carson Palmer wouldn’t take a $3 million dollar pay cut for being mediocre to help out his cap strapped team. And then it hit me, this guy is not who I thought he was. Maybe he spent too much time around Mike Brown or he is just trying to get a few more years in before he cashes out. During Carson Palmer’s press conference he said that his agent would never have let him sign the deal the Raiders were offering him and that they needed to honor the contract they gave him when he came to Oakland. Maybe Oakland did give him a horrible contract just so they could get rid of him, but maybe not. He expected Oakland to honor their contract that he signed with them but he would have rather retired in Cincinnati before he honored the contract he agreed to. Looks like Carson Palmer only has honor when it benefits him.