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Stripe Hype Interview: Bengals Receiver Andrew Hawkins

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Jan 17, 2013; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears new head coach Marc Trestman during a press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

JM-Your former CFL head coach, Marc Trestman, was hired by the Chicago Bears. How important was he in your development as a professional football player?

AH-“Extremely excited. I owe a lot of me being in the NFL to him. I was able to play 2 seasons under him and learn so much about a professional offense. Also, more importantly learn how to conduct and carry myself as a professional, and I think that is one of the original things that helped keep me around here in Cincinnati. He taught all of his player to concentrate on the little things and to detail our work out there, and thats something I really took to and tried to implement into my personality as a football player, and its paid  huge benefits. He’s been a coach, mentor and a friend to me, and its going to be an awesome feeling to shake hands with him after our first NFL game on the same field.”


JM-Your offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden interviewed for several head-coaching jobs this offseason, but ultimately stayed with the Bengals. How important would keeping him be to the offense?

AH-“Very Important, because it keeps the continuity in our offense. and that is huge on any team.”

JM- Do you feel that you’ve come close to your potential as an NFL receiver, or do you feel like you’ve only begun to scratch the surface?

AH- “Personally i feel like I’ve only scratched the surface, so Im excited about where my career is going. And to reach my full potential, a lot of that has to do with some things that are out of my hands, but all I can do is continue to try to work my hardest, do everything asked of me, and hope for the best.”


JM-Since the Cleveland Browns were a team that gave you a chance in the NFL but later cut you, do you feel extra motivation when you play them?

AH-“Not at all. They were the only team that gave me a chance for 3 years. So I am actually very thankful for the opportunity they gave me, because it was the starting point to get to where I am today. They actually said yes, when all 31 other NFL teams said no. The extra motivation comes from them being the Cleveland Browns and me being a lifelong Cincinnati Bengal!!”


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