ICYMI: Cincinnati Bengals: Hearing the Voices of the Fans

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“I believe the Bengals will reach the playoffs and win the division.  They have a lot of young talent and they should be a very hard team to compete with.”

-Casey Branigan

“My expectations for the Bengals are high.  I would like to see Rey Maualuga step up and show what he can do, and also Dre Kirkpatrick to show us what he can do.  I would also like to see Andy step up even more and lead this team to victory.”

-John Krueger from Columbus, OH

“13-3, and Dalton becomes one of the leagues’ best passers.”

Aaron Lee from Hamilton OH

“Dalton’s looked alright in his second year.  He just needs to make a few more adjustments. They should do good; they just need to get some help on the offense for Green and the Law Firm.  Leon Hall needs help on his side of the field, but in general, I can see them ending with double digit wins against a not-so-easy schedule. I expect them to fight for first place yet again with the Ravens at least and possibly the Steelers as well.  They should make the playoffs at the very least.  Do I think they will do good?  Yes.  Now pending on the right draft picks they can be great.  I won’t talk Super Bowl until I see how the season goes.”

Daniel Palmer from Hot Springs, AR

“I’m not an expert, but something needs to get the fans more involved and become more passionate. I’m more of the cheerleader type. Wave towels, contests, something! I’ve noticed while watching games, the fans just don’t seem to be into a win like I think they should. I do think we need a good running back and that we need to throw the ball more.”

Carol Gast from Franklin, OH

“I expect Andy to come into his best season and own the game. We are going to be hard to beat.”

Karen Parker from Dayton, OH

“We did great in resigning our guys, though we REALLY missed the boat on free agency. I predict one playoff win this season.  Not being a homer either.”

-Jeff Card from Memphis TN

“Well I would like to see us do better from last year.  We have improved since Andy Dalton has been QB.  We went to back-to-back playoffs and left after the first round both times.  We need to improve our offense so that the defense doesn’t have to save us.  Both offense and defense need to work more as a team rather than two separate rosters.  We need our vets to step up and be leaders for our young guys.  So I would like end result to be either AFC north champs or to return to the playoffs as a Wildcard.  Of course, the champs would be better, but either way I want to win one playoff game…we can do it, just need to pull together as one team.”

-Jackie from Cincinnati OH