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Bengals Banter: Vets Support Addition of Harrison, & Get Better Together

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Bengals T-shirt slogan for 2013. Courtesy of the twitter, @Bengals

The above photo is the Cincinnati Bengals’ official t-shit slogan fro the 2013 season. It’s very reflective of their offseason goal, to keep continuity and re-sign their own free agents, versus going out and pursuing players who have developed outside the organization. The Bengals have done a masterful job over the past 4 drafts in finding quality players in every round of the draft, and developing them together to build a level of team chemistry seen often in championship teams.

Offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth and defensive Geno Atkins are viewed as the two of the key leaders of a young Bengals squad hoping to breakthrough into the class of the AFC’s elite, and adding James Harrison will undoubtedly help that cause, and they are supporting Harrison signing with the team: