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Cincinnati Bengals: Taking Off-ense: Top Priority of the 2013 NFL Draft

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As the opening bell to the 2013 NFL Draft approaches, teams are finalizing draft boards and spreading propaganda at will about draft prospects they could or could not be taking interest in.  One thing is for sure: This draft will be no different from the past, with surprises starting as early as the second pick.  With that said, I can’t help but think: What should be the overall objective to this draft for the Bengals?  For me, it is making sure that you come out with players who will continue to build this team, both talent and character wise.  It’s also my opinion that a main focus needs to be spent on upgrading an offense that was almost outscored by the defense in the final games.   I think we’ve learned the past two years that Andy Dalton and the offense gets its go power from the running game, and that should be one of the priorities n the coming draft.  If available, here are the prospects that would provide a needed boost to the current depth chart.

1st round:  Menelik Watson

The team has not moved on from Andre Smith, they have moved on from Andre Smith being paid more than his market value.  They also do not seem interested in a veteran RT at this point.  Meliek Watson is an option that Cincinnati should be thinking hard about.   Is he a bit raw?  Yes, and some think the limited experience is a negative.  I take it as if he is this good now, how good will he be in a couple of years?  Watson is not the mauling run blocker Smith is, however, he often shows how athletic he is and was asked to block at the second level often.  If beat on the initial rush, he shows the athletic ability to recover and redirect the rusher.  Watson could eventually wind up at LT.