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Barry Sanders Wins Madden 25 Cover Vote


The Madden 25 cover vote has concluded, and this year’s winner is former Detroit Lions hall-of-fame running back Barry Sanders:

Here’s the release from ESPN:

"Sanders’ public profile rose once again Wednesday night when he won a national vote to appear on the cover of the “Madden 25” video game. You might not be a big gamer, and Sanders might not be either. I for one was amused to see Sanders, 44, standing on the SportsNation stage with the 28-year-old Adrian Peterson while 25-year-old hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar performed.But Sanders took this process seriously from the start, promoting himself during a trip to ESPN headquarters and actively seeking support from celebrities via Twitter. Wednesday afternoon, golfer Tiger Woods encouraged his 3.2 million Twitter followers to vote for Sanders.Sanders won the cover contest over Peterson with 58 percent of the finals vote. Along the way, he demonstrated a sardonic but still-humble personality most of us never saw during his playing career and one I assumed we wouldn’t experience in retirement. It sounds silly, but it’s true in our virtual age: Barry Sanders introduced himself to a whole new generation of fans Wednesday night. Let’s see where it takes him."

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