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What Tyler Eifert Brings to the Bengals

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Another trait that Eifert has is his good hands. I know that sounds like a pretty basic trait for any football player. However, Eifert’s hands are not to be underestimated in any way.

Maybe they just come with his build. Maybe it’s just effective training. Whatever the case, he plays like he has two rolls of double-sided tape for hands. Check out his highlight reel if you don’t believe me. His catches in traffic require multiple double-takes.

Still another upside that we learned from the discussion at the NFL Draft was his strong blocking ability, as he can match up to a linebacker fairly well with 250 pounds under his belt and decent acceleration.

Eifert is one of the Tight-Ends that can do it all, which is part of the reason he was the No. 1 ranked TE in the Draft. He will provide a very nice blend of attack with Jermaine Gresham on the other side, and could help the Bengals set up some new offensive schemes.

Any way you look at it, a smart pick by Cincinnati.

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