Stripe Hype Roundtable: Grading the Draft – Part 2


In case you missed Part I of our Stripe Hype Writers roundtable of the Bengals Draft Grades, be sure to check it out, as we’ve gotten the rest of our staff to provide their thoughts on just how well the Bengals drafted this year:

“How would you grade the Cincinnati Bengals 2013 draft class?”

Brian Dugan

I give the Bengals an A-.  Love the Eifert pick, because he is a matchup nightmare and gives Dalton more options in the short term passing game.  Gio Bernard was the running back I wanted them to draft, so once again, loved that pick.  Love the speed and versatility he brings and again, more options for Dalton out of the backfield.  On draft night, I really didn’t understand the Margus Hunt pick, I like Hunt and the more I read the more there is to like.  I felt like this was the time to address the Safety position and the Bengals didn’t.

After reading about Hunt’s 17 blocked field goals, has an 82” wingspan, blazing speed, and a 36” vertical leap for a 6’8” guy, I was definitely more sold at that point.  Rounding out the 3rd round was a steal in Shawn Williams from Georgia.  The Bengals did a great job picking up exactly who they wanted right here.  Williams was a captain at Georgia, used to calling plays, and closes space about as good as anyone.  All in all, the Bengals have drafted another way above average class and these rookies should bring excitement to 2013.

Walter Zaviski

I’m proud to say I give them another A grade. I was caught off-guard and that they drafted Tyler Eifert because I wanted Giovani so bad. Then when we landed him anyway, on top of the best ranked TE? Unreal. It’s a great feeling to finally be able to draft guys that you can groom, just like the Ravens and Steelers. They great thing about this draft is they should be able to get spot duty production from the top 3 picks.

I fully expect the Bengals to win the division. None of us know for sure what deal Marvin signed in 2011, but thank God it happened. Three great drafts in a row, should have this team in contention for the next few years. Interesting thing about the Bengals RB selections. They usually do well in the 20 yard shuttle. Rex Burkhead had 2nd fastest time and Gio Bernard was tied for 3rd.

Dec 24, 2012; Honolulu, HI, USA; Southern Methodist Mustangs defensive end Margus Hunt (92) tackles Fresno State Bulldogs running back Robbie Rouse (8) causing a fumble during the second quarter of the Hawaii Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Merrit

Another quality draft class from the Bengals, in the first game of the season zero rookies could start, this is a good thing.  Tyler Eifert was by far the best value in the first and will add a needed weapon.  Gio Bernard is going to add what Bernard Scott was supposed to.

Margus Hunt may not see the field much but is a genetic marvel and has a great room and coaches to learn from.

I don’t think Shawn Williams starts day one but unless they add a veteran at safety he doesn’t have a lot in his way to keep him from stepping in. Sean Porter was nice value in the fourth and I really like his ability to play multiple positions and rush the passer. Tanner Hawkinson was a bit of a surprise but KU fans say he was one of the bright spots on a really bad team.

I like the Rex Burkhead pick and think he makes the team as a special team/ 3rd down guy. Cobi Hamilton has a quick twitch to his game and provides solid backup on the outside.  He needs to learn to catch with his hands more and run NFL type routes.
Overall Grade A-

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