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Faith in Your Teammate: Who Has Your Back?

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The chemistry in the locker room is perhaps even more important, as far as the friendships between teammates go. This is a bit ironic in that a lot of what helps a team bond isn’t seen by the fans every other performance. It’s seen by the people that you play alongside of every day, and the same people that will know who you are from those interactions before batting practice and after the press interviews.

Heck, it’s those off days that you head out to the grill with the guy that switches to zone coverage while you blitz the quarterback.

The times that show who you are as a person around the dugout are perhaps just as important as the innings you take the mound as starting pitcher.

It’s what makes sports less about the stats, and more about getting that RBI to move the team forward.

It’s what makes that guy on second base not just a teammate, but the guy you hang out with on those Saturday evenings with nothing going on.

That’s what makes a team.